Help me write the eBook “Sales for Non-Salespeople”

So I have been asked many times if I had an eBook about how to sell – written by me.

I have always said, “No, I don’t have my own eBook.”

I have always told people that everybody can sell. Yeah I know some sales pros out there tell you otherwise. I am obviously not in that camp.

The only difference between you and me is that I chose sales as my profession. My career. My lifelong journey. Hence, I have that grit. That stickiness. That endurance and tenacity to continue.

And yes, I have seen people who got discouraged and left the profession. They didn’t have the heart for it. They didn’t have the thick face of getting slapped 99 times with a no in one hour. Heck, even with just one no they would cry like a baby.


And because of that, many still insist I write my own version of a Sales Book.

Today, I will start that mini-journey.

Today, I will start doing something that would give me traction in writing that eBook.

But I cannot do it on my own. I will need your help.

Why? Well, because I am not qualified to do so alone.

Let me count the ways.

  1. I am in sales. The eBook is about teaching Sales to Non-Sales People. So I do not know anymore what someone who doesn’t know how to sell doesn’t know.  I know you know what I don’t know here. 🙂
  2. Different folks, different strokes. Search online for “Sales for Non Sales People”. You’ll see that there are a lot of training materials online. Many different course overviews. Many different versions of where to start and where to end. I want it as relevant to you as much as possible. So I think the idea is to get enough responses about what topics should be included.
  3. I have never written any material longer than my thesis back in college. So yeah I don’t have much experience on this.

So again, I humbly ask for your help please.

If you:

  • are NOT a sales person
  • do not sell as a profession (yet)
  • dread sales and find it really difficult to do
  • are interested in learning more about sales
  • are interested to shift into sales as a career

Then please fill up the form below so I can create the database. Once I have collected enough participants (looking at 1,000 until August 31, 2017), I will then send a 3-minute survey for us to work on the details of the eBook.

salesatbp sales atbp vincent villamil B2B software sales 3

If I don’t get enough responses, then I guess I will really have to make it the way I think it should be written. I know it may be a waste of time If I did that but backup plan would be to get feedback from that initial version. Timelines would then be announced, if any.

But again, please do help.

As a thank you, (yep you guessed it)  when it is good to go, you will receive a free copy.

I plan to finish the eBook by October 31, 2017.  Then November 2017, it will be ready for your consumption.

Thanks. Stay tuned.