About Vincent Villamil

Call me Vince. I am a Technology Sales Leader specializing in B2B Software Inside Sales. I work with Technology Companies who are struggling and frustrated with unpredictable revenue results and inconsistent profitable growth.


SaaS , Cloud Computing , Business-to-Business , B2B , Sales Leadership , New Business Development , Account Management , Inside Sales , Sales Training


My Vision/Mission/Tagline/Big Idea/Core Belief:
SELLING CHANGE AND CHANGING SALES – Helping you better the world while achieving your growth goals and improving the underlying global perception on salespeople and the sales profession. I especially support technologies that shape the future of work.

I am a passionate sales enthusiast. An entrepreneur wannabe.  A learning writer. A frustrated blogger.

I am not a sales expert.  15 years overall experience but I am still learning the game.  I love learning.

Specialist could be a better term. I do specialize in selling change.

I specialize in selling B2B software with price points between a broad range – onetrepreneurs up to Startups and up to SMBs.

I am looking to slowly ease up into the Enterprise space where we are talking about a minimum of $1.0M per transaction and a sales cycle of between 6-20 months.

I have sold Php 1.2+ M and I kind of liked the feeling after. Once you get a taste of it, you can’t stop. You’ll ask for it over and over again.

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I have also tried my hands on entrepreneurship two times. I failed on both occasions. I will talk about my entrepreneurship journey and what I have learned from it on another thread.

Proceed with caution.

As you can see and as I have presented, I am not an expert.

I am just a sales guy with a special heart for sharing what I know.  If what I offer makes sense, then it is up to you how you wish to use it.

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