Prospecting is a habit.

Cute, right?

In sales, this is horrible.

I spoke to a friend who is also in sales and I got a little bit concerned. He said that he thinks he is doing something wrong in his prospecting.

He did 10 hours of prospecting last week. I thought it was good already. I asked how he did it. I think his strategy was sound. And then I asked about his timebox and lo and behold we got the culprit.

From the looks of it, he spends between 10-20 hours every month on prospecting. Dude, that is like 6%-12% of your time in a month. I think there is not much problem with the amount. I see the issue in the allotment of the time.

Let me explain more.

You see, sales is like going to the gym. Many literature says hitting the gym 3 times a week say a minimum 1 hour is good. That’s 3 hours of gym time in a week. 12 hours in a month.

Let’s go back to his timebox and apply it. That means you cramp up 12 hours in one go and you expect something magical to happen? That is like 1 day in the gym for 12 hours – non-stop and expect to lose weight and be stronger?

In sales, when you are about to face your boss to explain yourself, that is the feeling of the dog chasing his own tail above.  I know it. I did the same mistake before.

It is better to do small chunks of prospecting daily. Create a prospecting cadence that makes sense to you. Goal for at least 1 email or 1 call to a new suspect. That could be somewhere between 15-30 minutes daily. Put it on your calendar. Do it and see the difference.

Now, this only applies to sales pros who need to do the prospecting themselves primarily.  I firmly believe that the sales team of a company which sells complex systems, as a production team, need to have different people assigned in each sales stage. And this means that the marketing team will play a tremendous role in the entire process.

There should be a team who takes care of the TOFU (top of the funnel). Hint: Marketing team.

Another team should take care of the MOFU (middle of the funnel). Hint: SDRs. Qualifiers. Appointment-setters.

Last team is for BOFU (bottom of the funnel). Hint: Closers. Account Managers. Customer Success Reps.

Make sure these teams meet weekly at least to align themselves.

Back to my friend, he will heed the advise as he said it made sense. Hope it does give the result he is hoping for.





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