Hot sauce.

I was buying food for my kid’s swimming class food contribution.

Yep, he’s graduating the basic freestyle program.

I ordered 4 pies-to-go, so 12 pcs overall.

I saw the longanisa breakfast meal and remembered I have yet to eat breakfast. I remembered I was hungry. 🙂

For me, the best thing that let’s Jollibee standout against its competition is its abundant supply of….. hot sauce.

Yep, I love that feeling of spice in my mouth. For some reason, it makes me feel alive.

So I ordered the meal. And asked for the hot sauce.

The cashier asked around, just quickly, and decided to go back to me to tell me they do not have what I asked for.

What is Jollibee without the hot sauce?

What is life without hot sauce?

I still paid but I couldn’t believe it.

I said to myself, “I asked the wrong guy.”

I chose a seat and started my meal.

Then I saw another guy. Looks like a trainee.

Someone who will please anybody.

I asked him for the same thing – hot sauce-  and he happily responded.

I looked at him while he sped through the counter and into the kitchen. He asked first the same guys the cashier asked. He didn’t find any hot sauce.

He went on asking the manager. They spoke a bit.

He sped into the kitchen. I think it is the deeper kitchen.

The deep blue kitchen.

I couldn’t see him anymore. So I said oh Lord its okay. I tried.

We tried.

I continued eating.

Then I heard what a seemingly fast scratching and screeching set of footwear.

Then it stopped.

Just like an angel. I heard the voice….

“Eto na po sir.”

My hot sauce.

I almost cried.

“Thank you, Sir!”

I told the guy.

Thank you, Lord.

In life, not only in sales, you have to ask the right person. That right person does not necessarily mean the big boss.


That person is someone, anyone, who can take you closer to achieving your goal.

Sales is about human interaction.

Sales is like solving a puzzle.

It is about communication.

Aside from understanding the ecosystem you are trying to explore, sales is also about persistence.

Heck, I knew deep in my heart and soul that Joillibee will never ever run out of hot sauce.

I persisted.

I asked.

And then asked again.

And then I got what I asked for.

Thank you, Lord for hot sauce.



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