The “Inner talk”

And the context is in sales. Heck, I think it also applies in life in general.

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Inner talk is dependent on your purpose. Your long-term goal.

You can say you are great and you can do it. Everyday. Every morning. Before sleeping at night. While eating breakfast. While on your way to work.

But if that inner talk is rooted to a shallow goal. A shallow ambition. A shallow purpose. A small fire in your heart.

You won’t get that far.

You need something you truly believe in.

Something bigger than you.

Sometimes, something bigger than life.

If you do not want to feel the burn out, the emotional tiredness, the psychological breakdowns, ask yourself, “Why do I want to be in [whatever I am in right now]?”

When you get to your deepest truest why, then more often, your inner talk changes.

From, “I can do this. I am great. I will continue. I will persevere. I will endure.”

To, “For my country.”

“For love.”

“For those who are oppressed.”

“For the poor.”

“For the church.”

“For God.”

“For freedom.”

For whatever it truly is.

For whatever truly matters to you.

Then you become truly happy.

Then you become selfless.

Then you become endless.






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