Another MLM rep ruins the profession

I am really frustrated by MLM reps giving me tactics.

First he praises you of your accomplishments.

Then asks if you are open to a great opportunity.

When you ask the company name, he will give you a paragraph of how their product is so advanced and been shown on national geographic.

I asked for the company name.

Just say it is NuSkin for Heaven’s sake. Be proud.

I am a Usana distributor. I believe in the products. I believe in the scheme. My wife and I use the calcium and my kid the multivitamins.

How hard is it to answer your company name?


This is why MLM is having a bad reputation. If people ask you if you are MLM then say yes and then go on saying why you are different and why they should listen. Period. No more f@#$&ng B.S.

When asked, answer what is being asked.


I am a proud salesman.

I hate salespeople who coy and toy people around. It is a f@#$%&ng disgrace.

It is annoying.

It is not right.

It is so wrong in so many angles.


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