Thankful hard ass

So my recent stint required me to get a medical certificate. I am a hard ass and told many reasons why it should be during company time versus otherwise. I still did it anyway because I have to. No choice.

And so I did. My x-ray showed I had a suspicious spot on my right infra thingy. It is presumed as PTB. Then urinalysis showed traces of blood which is potentially a symptom of kidney stone.

I am now thankful. At least now I know.

So for all hard ass like me out there, continue being hard ass. But also be thankful when something good comes out of stuff you don’t want to do.

Life is continuously humbling us. Life is continuously humbling me.


UPDATE – based on April 23, 2017 confirmatory tests:

Both results were negative.  So no PTB. No kidney stones. Yey!

Thank you, Lord. 🙂


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