Vince, Why Sales?

I have been asked so many times. Why sales?

As a kid growing up, I was really good in Math, Science, English. I remember conversations with my elders asking me what I would be when I grow up.

Of course I didn’t know what a salesperson was. So I almost always said what most of the kids would say,

Lawyer. Doctor. Engineer. Architect.  Astronaut. Scientist. Businessman.

Of course, we all know I didn’t become any of those, except perhaps, businessman. I was a lousy one though. I was all alone, really.

So how did I get into sales? Why Sales?

Firstly, the need. I needed to make money for a lot of reasons.

I needed to make money the easy way.

Now, it was easy in a sense that you only needed to find a product or service to sell, then find the people who will buy what you offer. Offer it. Get a yes or a no. That’s it.

How hard can that be, right?

I didn’t really need to understand theory of relativity nor algebraic expressions.

Just simple Arithmetic would do.

You add.

You subtract.

Secondly, through the years of selling, I stuck with it not just because I was on a roll but mainly because I found sales is fair.

Okay, I’m not saying other professions are unfair. All I am saying is that the other professions pay you as it is. Fine there are increases and bonuses but there is a limit.

For sales, based on what I have experienced, it is limitless, especially when you are an individual contributor. It doesn’t even consider much if you are a noob or a veteran. Yes, if you were a newbie you’d get a lousy base salary but sell more, you get more. More often more than what your manager gets.

Sell less, you get less. And eyes are all on you suddenly.

For me, it is fair and square.

The money you get is commensurate to the result you bring in.

You create your own destiny. Your own fortune.

You can’t cheat sales, too. Your results will show what level of effort you invested in.

It is much like exercise. Cheat and don’t do what you are supposed to do, it will manifest. Sales requires a level of discipline. A level of commitment. And again, results will show, believe me.

It is really as simple as that.

Another reason why I chose sales as a career is because of the chance it gives me to make more friends and meet new acquaintances. You get to talk to different people. You get exposed to many different challenges and solutions. You learn different business models.

Because I get to be in front of many other people daily, I needed to use my God-given skills and talents as well. I needed to be creative. Need to be always curious. I need to be always confident. Using multiple intelligence daily makes sales exciting. Like it is always day 1.

And as I think about it everyday, I am in sales because;

  • I get to meet different people
  • I get to experience different cultures
  • I get to use multiple soft and hard skills – creativity, relationship-building, investigation, communication and many more
  • I get to change someones life (mostly for the better) and
  • get paid (more often a lot better than the usual)

And just recently, I have been able to work remotely.

Very few professions can actually offer that flexibility at the moment.  If you want to be able to work from anywhere, join the knowledge economy, like sales.


Those are my reasons why I am in sales.


Below is a good summary of why I am in sales. Yeah the guy is not from the Philippines like me but what he tells resonates well to me.






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