Sales is my ikigai. My passion.

Something I can do all day. Something I can talk about every waking hour of my life.

Sales for me is not just a profession. It is a rationale.  A sense of belonging.

It has also changed my life. My entire 15 years of working has been all about sales.

My first ever sales job was when I was 6 years old under the supervision and guidance of my mom. We used my ‘cuteness’ to get people to sign up and try their luck on guessing the winning number combinations on basketball games. The other source of income we had was a chinese numbers game which translate to flower betting.

The first ‘formal’ sales job I had was being a sales clerk. I was probably 8 years old. Mang Lando who was the owner of what we used to call ‘kubo’ , a sarisari store, hired me and paid me a seemingly bright yellow-orange-ish bill weekly. I think it was Php 20.00 at that time. That was huge already for a kid’s week’s work back then, especially considering I only rendered roughly 2-3 hours daily. I guess he is just really a good man. Bless his soul.

From then on, I stayed in sales.

Today, I sell B2B Software for a living.  I do this at the comfort of my home. While I watch my kid asleep. While other people including my lovely wife brave the ridiculous Metro Manila traffic.

As a sales professional, I follow the mantra,

Selling Change and Changing Sales. 

I don’t know if I should quote anybody on that. I am probably the original as of this writing. Heck, I will own it.

That golden phrase came about after seriously and full-heartedly reading two books on sales. I accepted their challenge.

Stay here with me as I share bits and pieces of my life and sales. I am also going to share how I do things. What tools I use.  What principles I follow. Books I read. Some references and sources. Recommended tools. Amazing technologies. Activities I do.

Random thoughts about sales, technology and life as it is.